Monday, October 29, 2018

Security vulnerability in Xcalibur Foundation. Download and install this patch!

This is a serious post -- though the picture above is funny.

There is a vulnerability in Foundation (the program underneath Xcalibur starting way back after version 2.0.7.)

If your PC is online and has Xcalibur or even Foundation - with any of these versions -- every single one of them -- your computer may be at risk. This affects both instruments and PCs that just have Xcalibur on them for looking at data.

You can download the newest Foundation and Xcalibur -- Foundation 3.1SP5 and Xcalibur 4.2 or -- you can install the patch.

I only have a direct link to the patch and clicking on this will start the download.

If you're worried that I'm just making this up, call into tech support or your favorite FSE and ask, they'll be going around doing these patches soon. For reference, this is Factory Communication 2018.020


  1. Hi Ben,

    probably somewhat unrelated to the topic but after a recent update for MS Office (2010), our XCalibur (4.0) keeps stating that the "acquisition service" won't start and that the PC should be restarted. Well that won't fix things. Should the Office update be deleted or do you know of a different approach to solving this problem?


  2. Please connect to the Thermo Fischer Scientific landing page for more information and link to download the update.


    Mark Sanders, Ph.D.
    Sr. Director, Product Management
    Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry Software
    Thermo Fisher Scientific