Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Did this team just use proteomics and machine learning to identify tissues and cells?!?!

Okay -- like everyone else -- I'm obsessed with all these buzzwords like "Machine intelligence", "Artificial Learning" and "Neurosis Networks".

I've been erring on the side of caution because it seems really easy to memorize these funny words and use them to get jobs where you just continue to repeat them. But mounting proof is coming that this stuff has real power. (The image above is from MarIO, a program you can download, connect to a video game emulator and watch the 2D character die and die and die until it can run a level perfectly -- cool, right?)

Obviously, we've had Percolator and other programs for a long time -- but outside of those they haven't impacted us all that much.  BOOM!  NEW ENTRY!!

I'm on the wrong computer so I can't read this yet -- but -- if this is real -- this is a seriously big deal. These people train a machine learning program to learn the profiles of different tissues and cells. I'm super motivated to get to a computer where I can read this --- I just need a huge data transfer to finish first!!

EDIT: Okay...we probably all knew that we could probably do this, right? The best part about this might be the fact that this group did.

EVERYTHING is open access on this (except the paper) -- you can get all the code and notes at Github here.

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  1. Raw data here if you want to go that far back.