Monday, October 8, 2018

PaperSpray analysis of a Neurotransmitter from Whole Blood?

Does this open up as many possible new avenues for things as I feel like it does?  At the very least I didn't know this was possible at all and it's really cool! 

Do y'all know about this PaperSpray thing?  You literally just put a drop of blood or whatever on a piece of paper and charge the paper like it is a nanospray emitter. The liquid ionizes right off the edge of the paper and into your mass spec. Cool stuff, but I don't track toxic inorganic compounds or anything, so I haven't needed to do it.

BUT -- here -- this group blows the doors off. While their end goal is instant tracking of some terrifying sounding biological weapons in people -- what they also do here is quantify a neurotransmitter! From a tiny amount of blood! And they do a reaction on this piece of paper that is their ionization source.

Am I (just) crazy or does this now sound like PaperSpray has moved over from the "cool toy" to "this belongs in the clinic" category?!?

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