Thursday, October 25, 2018

Boost your crosslinked peptide IDs by fixing your monoisotopic assignment!

Virtually all of proteomics data processing these days requires a proper monisotopic assignment to make a match. It's also probably no surprise that today's instruments are trained on perfect tryptic digests.

What if I told you that there is a huge spreadsheet showing that monoisotopic assignments of big peptides (like crosslinked peptide species) are messed up a large percentage of the time?!?

Don't worry! There's a fix and it's in press at JPR here!

The spreadsheet is in the supplemental -- and it's from a very modern instrument!

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  1. Hi Ben, I love your blog, I'm always finding something new and interesting.
    One thing I want to mention is that in this paper, although they did a review of the literature, they missed out one software suite that already does this (albeit it has not been emphasized in the original publication) - The Mass Spec Studio:

    Disclaimer: I am from the lab that built this software.