Tuesday, October 16, 2018

INSTANTCLUE!! Easy, ultrapowerful statistics for proteomics!

What a time to be in this field!! As soon as I think I've found the most powerful downstream analysis software package I've ever seen, someone shows me something with even more powers!!

First off, a big thank you to Dr. Ilian A for the link to this awesome paper (open access here!)

A lot of the scientists we get samples from are getting used to statistics. If I sit down with a biologist younger than myself, it's pretty much a given that I won't have to explain what a PCA plot is, because the computers they had in their stats class was powerful enough to run one. My stats class in the 90s didn't have a PC element to it. And -- if I had started clustering or building a PCA plot on 20 samples on a 486 computer, I bet you it STILL wouldn't be done. (However -- it WOULD have minesweeper built into it. The future isn't always pressing forward in every regard.)

Honestly -- most of them know stats way way better than I do and I'm starting to seem like the unprepared one.  Reminder of this sad titled paper....

What does all this rambling have to do with anything other than Ben's love of espresso and rapidly striking ergonomic keyboards???


Look -- if you've mastered Perseus -- good for you. You're awesome. And you probably don't need this. If you're an R superstar and it's easier for you to do everything in R (did you know some people make their slide decks in R rather than Powerpoint? (@AlexisLNorris))  -- then you probably don't need this either.

But if you need
1) A GUI interface that works in Windows, MacApLitosh, and Linux
2) That has amazing flexibility to upload data into
3) That has short, premade, well scripted tutorial videos in case you get stuck
4) Has every stat you ever heard of and a bunch maybe you weren't sure if you really heard or if it was someone who started to say a real word and then accidentally burped a little, threw in a muffled apology, and then finished what they were saying without inhaling. (Tell me that's not what "latent semantic analysis" sounds like.)
5) A way to rapidly export the cool stuff you find
6) And software you can get started with even if your number one goal for the day is to not read anything smart today at all ---

You should download Instant Clue here!

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