Sunday, December 11, 2016

Want to increase your lab efficiency by 10% right now? TMT 11 plex!

So...this might not seem like such a big deal...unless you're about to get 1,000 samples delivered for TMT quantification....

PD 2.x can do the quantification (you just need to build a quan method that has this additional channel)

More information Dr. Saba was able to hunt down:


Oh. If you don't want to do the work and just want to add TMT11plex to your copy of PD 2.1 (haven't checked to see if it works in PD 2.0), I exported a quantification method and you can download it from my DropBox here.  (I think you can ignore signing in if you don't have a DropBox account and it will still, grumpily, allow you to download the method.

If you go to -->Administration --> Maintain Quantification methods you can import the method there. TAADAA!! 10% more samples quantified and around 0% more work!

EDIT (12/11/16): I can't seem to figure out where to buy the 131C reagent. Hold up, this might not be 100% out yet!  Will update when I know more!


  1. Any source/links announcement/commercial source?

  2. Hi Ben, TMT11 is available for bulk order only at the moment from Thermo - you'll have to contact Thermo or a Thermo rep directly.

  3. Hi Ben, I work for Proteome Sciences - we manufacture TMT for Thermo. TMT11 is available only as a bulk purchase product for now so you'll have to contact Thermo or a Thermo rep directly.