Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Answers to the 30 blog comments I recently missed!!! my Blog interface has changed. It is much more attractive on my end while I write these posts, but it doesn't alert me to unanswered blog comments when I log in. Maybe that is a setting I can change!

I'll try to answer directly on the post when I get caught up, but

1) Yup, you can definitely do "MultiConsensus Reports" in PD 2.1. Here is how. 

2) Do you still need the FT Tools? Email me directly, please:; I'll WeTransfer you a couple versions!

3) Yes, the TMT11 reagent is now available. Apparently you buy the TMT11 tag from your Thermo consumables sales rep. They will have the details. You just add it to your TMT10 kit and go!

4) Thank you Proteome Sciences (and Anonymous) for answering question #3

5) Thank you...but I do not currently require viagra...and I'm a little worried about what is on my blog that would make you think that I it the Pugs?

6)  The link to the amazing course at NorthEastern is here!  If you need to copy/paste it is: ( I'll add that to the post!

7) Thank you for clarifying the previous use of ion mobility in proteomics!  And for the links to the previous papers on the topic. I'll definitely take a look at them. Now that I've seen, in depth, some of the really amazing algorithms that PNNL has, I need to readdress this idea a little. A local friend I have tremendous respect for endorsed one of these during a meeting today. I'll try to suspend my skepticism that ion mobility would needlessly complicate shotgun proteomics.

8-30) Wait. What is with the viagra thing again?  Did the Spam filters change or do you get to some new milestone when you've submitted over 1,300 blog posts of your blogs....I swear this is just an outlet because I CAN NOT STOP TALKING. That is really it. Nothing physiological. My guess is it was all the participation awards I got in the 80s....

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