Saturday, December 3, 2016

Open Tubular LC -- a universal separation solution?

I've never ever heard about this before. Never. GoogleScholar has, however, and points me toward a review from 1984 for more information...

The difference being that they were doing higher flowrates in the 80s, than they demonstrate in this cool new paper!

A reason you might want to check this out? bout they separate some metabolites using this technique -- wait, is that a lipid? I dunno -- and some peptides -- and some intact proteins -- and they DON'T change the setup!?!?  All this stuff just elutes correctly?

It is a weird universal separation technique with stupid levels of sensitivity. They detect 25 attograms of a compound with a Q Exactive Classic. Didn't know what was below "femto?" It appears to be "atto"!

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