Saturday, December 10, 2016

Proteome profiling OUTPERFORMS transcript profiling!

I'll just start with this if ya' don't mind.....

...and maybe I'll take my dogs for a walk. Meanwhile....

Seriously, though. We're ALWAYS second fiddle. What were the last numbers I saw? Something like $27 for genomic studies for ever $1 we get to study the gosh-darned proteins? (I may honestly have made those numbers up, cause I can't find a reference of any kind, but I don't think I did).

This study isn't news to us.  How often are we trying to compare the transcripts to the protein expression levels and it just doesn't work? Like...all the time!

This study actually shows that the proteome links better to the cell phenotype than the transcript does...and since proteins are ultimately...well...responsible for the phenotype -- it seems kinda obvious.... They also show that they can make better pathway links from disregulation of the proteins in the pathway than they can from the disregulated transcripts of those same cells!

I really like that title!!  Probably more on this later. I really will take my dogs for a walk now.

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