Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Great...SUMO in malaria parasites....

Mostly leaving this article here so I don't forget about it!

SUMO or Sumoylation is a weird set of PTM(?) people are finding everywhere. Unlike their human counterparts, SUMO proteins are very small. They covalently attach to proteins to modify their function. Some studies consider them analogous to ubiquitin regulation, though this might honestly be for reference framework rather than a true reflection of their mechanisms.

And...this new study...shows SUMO in Plasmodium falciparum.

Which, further PubMed searching shows me, has been known for a long time, just not to me. The importance of this study is it helps narrow down where we might find these modifications and when.

As a side note -- looking for "Sumo Pugs" found me the great image above, which is part of an original set of 3 paintings called "Sumo Pugs."

In case my exceptionally understanding, beautiful and patient wife reads this far when this post hits her Feedly -- They were surprisingly inexpensive (more supply than demand somehow?!?!) and I promise to put them in my office or something... ;)

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