Wednesday, December 28, 2016

i-GPA - An interesting new (command line) glycoproteomics algorithm

I'm leaving this paper here so I can get back to it after work. It definitely looks promising. You can check it out in Scientific Reports here.

If you are fine by going by the authors (and I guess the 19 months of work by the reviewers to verify) this might be one of the most powerful global glycoproteomics platform we've ever seen.  Zero false discoveries in CID fragmentation of N-linked glycans!  Which is amazing...bordering on...unbelievable...!

Fortunately, an advanced algorithm that is leagues ahead of the other 15 or so glycoproteomics programs in use in the world would have a download link so you can try it out, right? You know...

Okay...I have to back off on the snarky. In the Supplemental info I found a download link!  Holy is huge!  Update: 3.5GB!!!, cause it contains all the data from the paper!

Here is the link to the software so you don't have to look for it.'s command line...well, for those of you who do science -- especially glycoproteomics -- professionally, you can check it out!  I'd love to know how it goes! I draw the line for this hobby here -- I won't look at QQQ data and I won't use command line.

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