Monday, December 19, 2016

Two sweet new proteomics methods books just dropped!

Hey! There is nothing wrong with the books currently on my shelf on these 2 topics -- but our field is growing by leaps and bounds!  We know SO MUCH MORE than we did just 4 or 5 years ago!

Seriously, both of these are totally worth checking out:

They are brand new and both seriously solid. The hard copies aren't available to order on Amazon for a bit, but if your library subscribes to full access through Springer link all the chapters have been loaded.

In the book on the left, there is a whole chapter devoted to proteomic data storage and sharing, and a really interesting breakdown of what databases you should be using -- and drawbacks of different strategies.

And the book on the right....

Suggestions for getting the best peptide yields out of different cells and body fluids AND --check this out!

How to get proteins out of plants (have you tried it? you might be very surprised by what DOESN'T WORK. I know I was....)

In not-at-all related news. DJ Bernie, at only 10 weeks old, is already dropping some sick beats.

(Just kidding..this mixer isn't even hooked up!)

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