Saturday, November 14, 2015

toxoMine -- use all omics to get rid of toxoplasmosis!

Toxoplasmosis is terrifying. Okay, a lot of diseases are....or I'm a coward. Not sure which. But stories of the this disease's subtle but powerful effects have been floating around the pop science scene for years. Malcolm Gladwell even mentions it in one of his great books.

Check out this article, titled: "Parasite makes men dumb, women sexy"

The problem with this disease is how highly evolved it is. Its right up there with Plasmodium in terms of complexity. And beating it...after millions of years of successfully existing in the mammalian population? That's gonna be real tough.

Maybe someone ought to take all the data we have on this thing from every Omics technology and make a great big awesome tool for digging through it!

TAAADAAAA!!!  ToxoMine is exactly this tool. Interested in complicated diseases? This is a nice example of how we can align all the power these big -omics tools can give us!

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