Friday, November 13, 2015

Proteome Discoverer 2.1 is out!!! Fo real, yo!!!

Officially today all y'all can have all the awesome power that I've had in Proteome Discoverer 2.1

What powers are those?

How 'bout the power to Export your data to Excel format?

What about the ability to filter at any level and apply it to other levels (say, I only want to see peptides with cysteines? I filter at the peptide level and then toggle the tab that says "apply to proteins".  BOOM!! You have only proteins with peptides with cysteines!

What about the ability to generate your own TMT ratios like you could in PD 1.4.  Just want to see the ratio between 126N and 129C, manually generate that ratio!

Have a super computer like the 32 core Proteome Destroyer I hear is coming out, or have PD installed on a server with hundreds of cores?  You can go right into the Administration tab and tell PD how many workflows PD can handle at once. Why run only 2 workflows when your monster PC can handle 8 or 10 or 100 files at once?

The biggest improvements? Advanced TMT quan. Instantly apply corrections to your reporter ion data according to the Signal-to-noise ratio of the individual peptide measurements.  For example, if you have one peptide that had a signal to noise (S/N) of 2000, meaning 99.99% of the signal you're seeing there is from that peptide and not background, this value will have a higher weight in the total protein quan than a peptide that only had 1e3 counts and a S/N of 3.  Better data is weighted to a higher level than lower quality data!

If your Maintenance is current you can download the upgrade from the Thermo Omics Portal and upgrade right now!  Don't have current maintenance? Call your sales rep now!

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