Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Downstream analysis of proteomics data!

Alright!  This painfully thought-out and beautifully executed experiment yielded a big list of differentially regulated proteins! Woooo!  So...now what....?

This review from Karimpour-Fard et al., is a great place to start. This concise little piece in Human Genomics walks you through some tools and approaches that can help you figure out:

1) What is significant in your list (and all the stuff that isn't)

2) What those words mean that that stats and bioinformatics people are always using (Anova?)

3) How to extract some biologically meaningful data out of all that stuff.

A nice short review (and Open Access!) that might help you make that next step forward!

Shoutout to my aunt Beth who took this cool picture downstream off a bridge near home!

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