Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tonight's plan! Learn Compound Discoverer!

Okay, that's a pretty cool icon, right?

What do Proteome Discoverer and Compound Discoverer have in common (besides the obvious overuse of the letter "r") a ton of stuff!

Compound Discoverer looks just like the Proteome Discoverer interface. The goal is to make it easier to move from one data processing workflow to another without having to learn a whole new set of interfaces!

See? It looks just like it. You set up studies the same way, you import data files the same way, and then you just have to figure out what all those funny nodes do!

I'm about to put metabolite ID and metabolism via mass spec on my resume. Even better, when they get around to launching Compound Discoverer 2.0, then this interface can easily do straight up metabolomics.

By the way. If you have used this program (or bought it and would like to learn how to use it) this is the place to find info:

Honestly, I wrote this whole post so that the next time I Google: MyCompoundDiscoverer, it'll take me here and then I can direct link to the page. There are instructional videos and overviews!

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