Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2SC --- another important PTM to look for?

Great...another protein post-translational modification...cause my search space isn't nutso enough already....

Oh! Hi, there!  Ever looked at this one? Its called 2SC...and it turns out that it has a role in human diseases. Its even detectable by other molecular techniques and has been implicated in diabetes. A brand new paper from Gianluca Miglia et al., takes a computational approach and analyzes a ton of proteins. Turns out that it mostly sticks to Cysteines. Which makes me wonder if our typical techniques of cysteine reduction/alkylation/assumption of 100% cysteine alkylation means that we probably don't see it in our RAW data and can't see it in our processed data if it was there.

The abstract suggests that this modification is prevalent enough that they have seen multiple 2SC modifications per individual protein. I can't get much further because I'm stuck behind a paywall at this Panera this morning. An Open Access paper on this modification in people is available here, though its worth noting that they appear to have done all their work with Western blots. As a side note, it appears there are a lot of journals out there, and it appears that people are running out of names for them.

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