Monday, May 5, 2014

To deplete or not to deplete...part 7 or something....

Plasma protein depletion?  So many opinions out there!  How about another one?  How about the most cited paper from Open Proteomics!?!

Proteomics of human plasma: A critical comparison of analytical workflows in terms of effort, throughput and
outcome, is that paper.  (Open access! Wooo!)

In this one, the authors take a serious run at the pluses and minuses of depletion (like what a HUGE protein loss they take with depletion...quantified! from different depletion techniques).  Then they take the depleted, undepleted, etc., and run it all out on an Orbitrap Elite using the same settings.

The results?  Well, thats a surprise.  Its open access and they made some nice Venny Venn Diagrams.  Worth checking out! (and easier to take seriously than David Tennant doing Hamlet!)

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