Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nth order double play

I bet a lot of y'all know this trick.  But I don't think everyone does.

I didn't know it until I joined my current employer.  All of my LTQ and LTQ Orbitrap methods looked like this:

Where I'd have 21 scan events for my "top 20" experiment.  On sample #4 I'd realize that I screwed up scan event number 12 and I was really doing MS3 on the ion from scan event 11 or something else that would seem really stupid later.  The worst was if I wanted to change a single parameter!  Then I have to go through every one of these stupid things and edit them individually.

The trick?  Nth order doubleplay:

If I build my method like this I get just 2 scan events:

And whatever settings I put in for this dependent scan can be carried over for every other dependent scan that I do.  No more:  take the 6th most intense from scan number 1 bologna.

BTW, a new colleague of mine, Donna Earley, suggested that I try to do a Ben's Application tip of the week.  If I can come up with more than this one, I'm going to count this as number 1, lol!

Since the work week is over and this is a very work-heavy post, I present this crowd surfing pug!

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