Thursday, May 8, 2014

PIR -- Another cool protein database

Something I consider a major goal for proteomics?  Moving from gene ontology (GO) analysis of our datasets to true PRO (protein ontology).  Genes are great.  Grouping genes by functional categories is also great.  But proteins are what we study and there is a point where we don't have a complete overlap.  Consider the number of proteins out there vs the number of unique gene identifiers.  WAY more proteins than genes to correlate them to.
 Protein Center is making leaps and bounds all the time toward bridging that gap.

The Protein Information Resource (PIR) is an additional resource that focuses on true PRO.  For example, unique identifiers exist for various known cleavage events of gene products.  If we have the whole protein or half the protein, do they do the same thing? Probably not.  And it sure would be nice to know which one is present, right?

You can check out the PIR here.

Another find by Alexis.  May need to put her down as a contributor to the blog!

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