Sunday, May 25, 2014

Proteomics of liver regeneration

Like a lot of scientists, I'm pretty concerned with liver regeneration -- for a variety of reasons.  Its nice to know some people are concerned enough about it to do interesting proteomics studies to check it out.

In this new paper at JPR, Thilo Bracht et. al., dive right in to this subject.  They look at the proteomics of mouse liver regeneration in "normal" mice to those with a knockout in BIRC5.  BIRC5 inhibits a protein called Survivin that I hope you can tell from the name is pretty useful.  They go in, chop out some of the mouse liver, let the mice grow some of it back (or try) and take the rest of the livers for proteomics studies later.

Interesting for a lot of reasons.  Partially cause the changes in STAT1/STAT2 are at the expression level rather than at the phospho level (surprise to this guy!)  Direct link to the paper is here.

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