Friday, May 2, 2014

PTMScan Motif enrichment kits

At iORBI Boston yesterday I had a lot of conversations with cool people doing even cooler things.  One thing that stood out and I had to look up today was these new motif enrichment kits from Cell Signaling.

This is similar to the FACE (filter aided capture and elution) method that lots of people use these days for phosphotyrosine enrichment, but Cell Signaling has went a couple steps forward with this idea.  By developing antibodies versus specific known phosphorylation motifs (such as the recognition site for ATM/ATR!!! woooo!!!) they can pull down proteins that are phosphorylated specifically by proteins of interest.

Even better?  Kits are available that can target whole pathway!  Pick a pathway, enrich for the proteins containing your phospho motifs then DDA or target for your known peptides.

The Kinome kit contains ~20 different antibodies!  Direct link here.

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