Sunday, May 4, 2014

HPRD -- A protein database from the Pandey lab

I've known about this one for quite a while, but I just realized I don't have anything up on the new blog (and I never fully transferred everything I've written from the old one...and probably won't at this point, lol!)

The HPRD is another cool protein database that is a joint effort from the Pandey lab and the Institute of Bioinformatics.

Check out the output here on ITGA5:

Quick reference info at the top:  class, GO function and process:  followed by a quick graphical breakdown of what we know of the protein at this point.

Followed up with info on pseudonyms for the protein, substrates, etc.,

You have other options as well, such as looking up canonical pathways.  In a minor criticism, the pathways come up in HTML as a list and must be downloaded for viewing/linking.  I definitely prefer when KEGG or ball and stick pathway models pop up, but I can get those from other sites.  Those other sites won't give me graphical breakdowns of my protein domains, and I think this is the real advantage of this site over other ones out there.

You can link directly to the HPRD here.

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