Thursday, October 26, 2023

Is subcellular spatial imaging possible by shaking up the laser and prep?!?

Laser capture microdissection (LCM) is having a bigtime revival right now! But before you go checking surplus warehouses and Ebay for these things you should keep in mind that they are typically

(I have this perspective thanks to Ryan Kelly providing a crash course in LCM while I was on his beautiful campus in Provo) 

It would be really cool if one of the big innovators in sample hardware would take a whack at this, right?  I mean, it's sort of dumb that we have these absurdly fast mass specs but we can only cut like 2 samples per hour or something, right? 

It would make a catchy verb.... My robot is slow? Ying Zhu it! I have too many peptides binding to things! Ying Zhu it! 

What was I talking about while I was Ying Zhuing this bread machine? 

What about LCM at 30 (THIRTY!) CUTS PER HOUR! At 2 micron cuts??? Honestly, I can't follow this paper, but that's a whole lot faster and at higher resolution than anything I've ever heard of. The laser is swapped up and the transfer to NanoPots is faster. And get this - from these tiny cuts they're scoring 2k proteins.... sort of makes me want to stop this MALDI grant I'm working on, but I've got way too much inertia for that.

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