Tuesday, October 10, 2023

FDA Omics Days Start today (October 10 and 11, 2023!)


Are you interested in whatever it is FDA does in -omics? 

Are you interested in showing off what you do to the FDA -omics people? 

Are you interested in seeing what people want to show off to the FDA -omics people that they do? 

You're probably too late for the second one, but the other 2 are still a possibility, because FDA -Omics Days start today! 

You can register/sign in here. 

HINT HINT - FDA might have sort of figured out that transcriptomics is not where it's at. They have to protect people from bad molecules and bad proteins, and they are spending a lot less time and money worrying about theoretical things that might be there (because that's basically what the transcripts are -- things that might theoretically lead to the creation of something that does stuff). 

Cut from Day 2 schedule here. 

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