Thursday, October 26, 2023

Can you explain a proteomics concept in a VIDEO? Wanna win some money??


As I know I've bragged before, I'm somehow the chair of the super cool US HUPO VMO committee. Our quest. Nay, our destiny, is to make Proteomics less scary for the rest of the world.

We're going to cast off this persona of the mean scary mass spec wizard in the cave who just shouts things about ion suppression and "I said NANOgram NOT MILLigram" at unsuspecting biologists and doctors.


Let's TOKTIK this ship, fellow kids! 

GOAL - explain something in proteomics in an approachable and entertaining format on video! 

Some weirdo already sent in a video of him trying to cover an old Mudvayne song by substituting in something about how transcript abundance and protein activity have no linear link. Fortunately, said weirdo, encrypted his IP so we have no idea who it was....because it was terrible. 

Since it's our only entry so far, it might win. I challenge you to diem that carp and put in your entry. 

You can register and upload your videos here! 

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