Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Orbi-TOF is real! Details leaked on the Orbitrap Asstral!


Whether intentional or not (US deadline for S10 high end shared equipment awards is next week, so...) a popular scientific media outlet for chemists has posted a couple of application notes for what appears to be the long-sought Orbi-TOF system. 

Neither application note actually has details on the second mass analyzer (such as whether it is a TOF) but considering that the application note for plasma

Runs a 240,000 resolution MS1 scan and 299 DIA windows in what appears to be PARALLEL????

That's either an ion trap at a resolution of 14 at 200 m/z or 4 ion traps or a respectable TOF. Orbi-Orbi where your cycle time is 9 seconds or something, but look at the "Loop Time"!! That's 299 scan events in 0.6 seconds? And there is some ridiculously short chromatography in that app note. 

A second app note goes down to 50 picograms cancer cell digest on column and kicks back something like 2,000 proteins.

You might notice there are no links here. I was recently in court as an expert witness and I really truly don't want to be on the other side of things. I'm dying to talk about that case which was an absolute microcosm of everything that is wrong with the current state of mass spectrometry, like why we aren't taken seriously as a distinct scientific field and why so many mass spec labs fail, but I gotta wait out some stuff. 

You'll also notice that they made the great decision of extending the Assend nomenclature. I suspect they'll do something like Hyundai did with the new Genesis brand and we're going to keep going up. Betcha we're just a few years from Assgard. You can find this info yourself by googling the name of the instrument. 

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  1. Remember the talk by Alexander Makarov recently where he showed a quad orbitrap. It looks fairly similar and the parameters show IT so I have my doubts it’s a Tof and it wouldn’t make sense in this unit