Tuesday, May 16, 2023

PipeR - Proteomics to actionable, accessible and expertly designed output for physicians!!!


WOOOOOOOO!!! I'm leaving this here, then checking my calendar and seeing if I can install this without help. And then getting help. Or....doing whatever my calendar tells me to, then doing the things above. 

Wait. I don't even have to install it to try it out. 

Check out the PipeR shiny.io interface here!

Click to enlarge, or go try it out yourself lazy bones. Pick the patient (1), pick the clinical phenotype you're interested in (3), choose how you want the data plotted. 

Wait. What was that panel again? BOOM! Click the panel details tab! It's like these people have called a sleepy resident at 3 am to deliver a crazy blood potassium level and this poor person who has been on the floor for 28 straight hours -- is like "remind me what the normal range is again, please...?" If you're the clinical chemist who has never had to pull more than a 16 hr shift on a holiday it's easy to be sort of dismissive of the physician, but there are reasons most people (even in the US) aren't allowed to work more than 16 hour shifts. You don't get smarter at hour 17. Reminders are embedded in reports that go out for very good reasons. 

I can't over express how much I love this whole idea! 

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