Friday, February 17, 2023

Today's Proteomics Show Road to HUPO features Dr. Alexander Ivanov!


As the Road to Chicago podcast series starts to draw to a close (because we'll all be in sunny Chicago shortly, at the biggest US HUPO meeting of all time! I think I'm allowed to say that), I might get more time for blogging. Though, honestly, Gucking Frants have been taking up all my time recently. 

This week's episode just launched, and there is a funny story behind it. Neely was in his car for the podcast during the arctic blast thing near the holidays. Dude was wearing a shirt with long sleeves because Charleston was a frigid 54F (12.2C). 

Alexander Ivanov (lab website here) was great while we did our level best to screw up his podcast. 

As an aside, I have google scholar alerts on some people in our field. Maybe a lot of people. The good ones, at least.  And this was really funny to me, because I totally thought they got this name wrong --

Wrong one! Anyway, this is me rambling in the orange box so I felt like something I did today worked! 

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