Saturday, February 11, 2023

Stop the guesswork in your DIA windows! DO-MS has been extended to (Orbitrap) DIA!


This is a little late for us for something we're writing up. I'm not redoing 700 injections or whatever with better DIA windows. I made a pool, tried some methods, processed the data, picked the two best methods and made a method that was a decent compromise between the two. I then ran three replicates with that, processed the data and it looked okay so I used that for the month or two or whatever.

Sound familiar? 

Maybe DON'T DO THAT and DO-MS! Which can now do DIA (for Orbitraps, which was actually what I needed it for. The new pasefDIA methods in TIMSControl 4.0 are ridiculously good).

You can read about it here

Or get DO-MS here

1 comment:

  1. Promising tool. But while they claim the MS-DO 2.0 version (supporting DIA) is available, only the 1.0.10 is on their GitHub. Looking forward to testing the update !