Thursday, February 23, 2023

Clinical knowledge graph! Open notebooks to help us take that next step!


Whoa. The last paper I read from this group threw me a little, and I still suspect someone will explain to me why it makes sense and I'm just too dense to get it.

This one is about a year old and I just found it -- gasp -- on LinkedIn?? Okay, so I didn't know for sure I still had an account, but I sure do and there is an icon on the corner of my screen I don't know what is, but it seems to be Microsoft's next attempt to make web browser and who knows how long that's been open. Not me! 

What's a Jupyter notebook? It's like a really elaborate programming exercise with all the notes so you can go through and follow the steps 1 at a time. If they're done right even I can follow them. If they are done wrong....well....I can't rule out my own inabilities, but it's awesome when they're right. You feel really smart at the end and like buying whoever wrote it a beer sometime.

This one isn't as pretty as the paper seems to suggest (I think they have a professional illustrator on staff) but it's still really powerful for getting to information that might help a patient. 100% recommended. 

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