Sunday, October 16, 2022

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy proteomics explains contradictory results!


One of the most promising and controversial treatments for a lot of different injuries is the selected application of platelet rich plasma. I know a guy who is really dumb who couldn't get PRP therapy in his country so he does medical tourism to get treatments. 

The science has been confusing on this topic, including some completely contradictory findings. This sounds like a job for --

--a field that can't find any workers because we don't treat it like a field of scientific study! (That gif is from a crappy old cartoon called UnderDog). 

I mean, Proteomics!  You can check out this cool study, here

There are actually two main ways of obtaining "PRP" and they get patient samples from both and treat human cells of some type (human dermal fibroblasts, which I assume is a cell type that makes sense). 

What they found? HOW the plasma is enriched and how it is treated completely alters the cellular response and goes a long way toward explaining the observed contradictions.

Getting a better handle on this is critical in getting more insurance companies to cover some fraction of these expenses in countries where medical care is treated as an exploitational business model rather than a basic human right! Progress! 

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