Tuesday, October 25, 2022

How can proteomics help the processed meat industry?


Sometimes I just randomly click on things in my Scholar feed while I impatiently wait for caffeine to make my brain do stuff. Was it the espresso finally doing what I pay it to do or was it an abundance of new (to me) information in this new review that made me stop and pay attention? We'll never know. 

We all know about food adulteration, right? Like the fact that the world's total production of pomegranates can not possibly account for even a decent fraction of the "pomegranate juice" in grocery stores. What I've heard it that it is customary to introduce a pomegranate to red #13 colored corn syrup in the factory and allow said pomegranate to continue its holiday tradition of visiting industrial locations. 

In this study you'll learn of meat adulteration where protoemics has found all sorts of weird things in sausages. 

Also! Did you know that proteomics can help fine tune fermentation processes and that the during the controlled fermentation of meat the wrong microbe getting involved can lead to increased known carcinogens?  They describe some of these findings here. 

At some level, I think I assumed this stuff was happening out there. The US Food and Drug Administration buys mass specs for something, but this provides some insight into what regulatory bodies and food chemists actually do with the things! 

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