Thursday, March 31, 2022

Fe-NTA for you magnetic people!


I'm increasingly encouraged by the increasing level of standardization that we're starting to see in proteomics sample prep. I bet if we did some word cloud things in the literature we'd see SP3 and S-Trap getting substantially bigger in the literature each year. I'll be honest, I've never tried the magnet prep, and I probably won't. I've got my prep method and we've handed out these color-coded S-Trap kits to collaborators who have never prepped a proteomics sample in their lives and I can use Match Between Runs for their preps to the library data we have here. The consistency is beyond value for me. The same has to be true for people using the magnets. 

If you've built up a magnet powered workflow I'm going to guess this could fit right into it -- 

Wait. I've got to put this in here somewhere, might as well be here. It's too stupid to put at the bottom!

I don't see these listed as available yet, but since they look every bit as efficient as the spinning kits that we use here, I bet we'll see a part number on Pierce in the very near future. 

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