Sunday, March 13, 2022

DIA Analysis of 400 proteins in non-depleted dog plasma!


Wanna feel better about the state of clinical science? Take your dog to the vet when she/he isn't feeling well, and wait 7 days to find out that your dog needs an antibiotic. Most veterinary lab tools are 1) outdated 2) slow 3) outdated and 4) outdated. 

Let's bring in some modern proteomics and see if we can update things! (I do it...I can't do animal diagnostics due to a big huge COI that I am very aware of and nothing that I'm writing here should be construed as me volunteering anyone for more paperwork because I am 100% NOT suggesting that I should or will do veterinary diagnostics. I'm suggesting other people do it and I'll just tell them how cool they are for doing it, because today's veterinary diagnostics suck) 

That's what this group of cool people did! 

They pooled some plasma from healthy dogs and those with inflammatory conditions of some types, did some DIA (IDA) on a SCIEX 6600 running at 10uL/min (omg, not 10 nanoLiter/minute or even 50 nanoliter/minute -- for real, you can see if it is leaking (probably) and you can flush that air bubble out in a reasonable amount of time -- 10 uL/min to build a spectral library of interest.

Then they used SWATH on undepleted plasma -- and they find useful quantitative differences (markers?) of dog inflammation that could effectively discriminate. 

Is it a diagnostic? Not yet, but if you could do relatively easy sample prep and look at protein level changes in dog plasma to diagnose diseases it could be a huge step forward and I think it's worth celebrating a start. 

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