Sunday, February 27, 2022

The structural context of PTMs at a proteome scale....


Well...I'm I've got to pack this morning so I can't spend any time writing about this.  I'm really glad I got a chance to skim through it once so I can think on it while traveling, because I can't headbang to the Bloodywood album for 9 straight hours....probably..... 
What if you sat back and thought about all of the PTMs deposited in PhosphoSite as a big picture. How big? Try AlphaFold level big. Could you draw conclusions? For example, what if most PTMs cluster in instrinsically disordered regions (good review on what those are here) but ubiquitinations did not? 

What would that tell you about how cells work? Or would it reveal biases in how we discover ubiquitination sites (largely by inhibiting proteosomes so pro-degradation ubiquitination keeps building up) so you could develop more realistic experimental designs? Either way, this is huge picture stuff, and far far larger than can be encompassed in 32 double spaced pages. Recommended as highly as this self- described Indian Folk Metal Band

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