Tuesday, February 15, 2022



Does the thought of having the same ion beam connected to multiple mass specs induces "oh my god, I can't even get Waters to return my calls because I wanted to put it on the front of a beautiful new SCIEX (just a random example, but one where on Monday I'm just as randomly installing it myself)" level terror? 

Or does the potential to split a single ion beam with the same efficiency (?? didn't make sense to me, but I've been asking people who know this stuff and it sounds like this company found a huge gap in efficiency in electrospray ionization and a truly unique way to work around it!!) make you start thinking of 

what you could do with a super mass spec?!?  If you hate HPLCs as much as I hate HPLCs, it's at least worth looking at. More details are available at www.tracematters.com

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