Thursday, February 17, 2022

Death to LCMS -- Nanopore proteomics is building inertia!


The last time I used a headline like that the one above there was a spike in blog traffic. I notice spikes in blog visitors because Google tries to talk me into activating ads whenever the traffic gets high. Pass. Thanks for the free hosting for 11 years, Mr. Google!

However, there is no doubt that alternative proteomics technologies are gaining momentum and the way the diminutive NanoPore (maybe I have to turn the ads on to get a spell check? I might have made up a word just now) is disrupting the genomics market, it would be silly not to pay attention. 

This new study is even more evidence! 

From an environmental perspective -- How much power are your 75 vacuum pumps using? A shitload lot! Commercial nanopores run off of USB ports. I those are like 3.5 watts. There are going to be places and applications where these will make sense over 900 pound vacuum chambers and I can't wait to see this tech develop! 

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