Friday, February 25, 2022

Some ideas to maybe feel a little less useless about the unfolding war.

If you're lucky enough to just feel powerless and appalled while watching the actions of some tiny dictator, rather than scared for your homeland and your family and your life, maybe you aren't entirely powerless? I found some of this really helpful for my own personal sanity the last 36 hour or so.

World Central Kitchen is the shit. They're on the ground in Poland right now (where the borders are open and you don't need paperwork to get through!) trying to help. With operating expenses of less than 16%, almost 85% of every donation goes right to the front lines. You can pitch in here

NPR just listed 9 other great organizations and I bet they vetted them. Despite the horrendous noise they deem is "music" on that channel, those hippies try hard. 

I'd suggest we all stop and help the Anonymous effort, but...we aren't exactly a field packed with Lis Salander level talents (I generalize, a couple of y'all are good!) but maybe right now is a great time to send takeout and caffeine to programmers that you suspect have Guy Fawkes masks hidden behind their Lego collections? 

Look, I have to drop some awful attempt at comedy in here and I'm just trying to feel a little less useless about the insanity that keeps popping up on my screens. 

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