Monday, August 16, 2021

SCP2021-- Day 1 quick overview!

If you aren't tuned into Single Cell Proteomics 2021, I get it. Virtual conference fatigue has kicked in for just about anyone, but this is my favorite virtual conference I've been in a conference since that dumb virus thing. 

If you just forgot it was August, I think there is still room for today's busy lineup of talks that kick off at 9am EST.

You can check out the lineup and everything here, and since this is a Slavov meeting you know that everything will be as available to everyone has legally possible. 

Day 1 was superb.

1) Sample prep

2) Sample prep

(Automatic prep of thousands of cells with reagents all available right now!) 

3) MaxQuant.Live walk through and demo(!!) 

4) DIA-NN walkthrough and demo


5) SCP (single cell proteomics in R!) walkthrough and demo

This was amazingly well curated with data that will automatically load into R for you to try out! 

I'll try to double back in fill in with links to resources as they inevitably post. 

Today and Wednesday look like it's almost all APPLICATIONS of single cell proteomics!

Understand that cell, yo. 

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