Sunday, August 22, 2021

Ice-R lecture is up and the paper is out!

I'm still excited by the potential of IceR even though I posted the preprint pretty recently. You can find it here. A slightly modified version of the study is now available here.

For a walkthrough of what makes this study so very cool, you should be able to click on the video above, or watch the video at the YouTube channel here

The outside bioinformatics people are starting to drop in to see what is happening in proteomics.  I swear, 1/3 of the new questions this year on r/bioinformatics have been about proteomics. I can't overstate how noisy (and HUGE) the data that they've been working with is compared to the stuff we generate. I think we're going to see transformative developments on the informatics side very very soon. 

The flipside is that our bad habits are going to be way out in the open. I've witnessed some shock and horror about our seemingly random use, as a field, of two different alkylating reagents that differ in mass by a just about the difference between a carbon-12 and carbon-13 and the common lack of metadata that will tell someone who pulled down 2,000 LCMS files which file used which. 

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