Friday, August 27, 2021

PepSep -- the best chromatography doesn't have to be the most expensive?


I held off on putting up a post about PepSep until I knew I was personally stocked up on columns. 

No disclaimers here -- PepSep doesn't give me anything for free, or even a discount over what is on their website. I've never met the mysterious person behind the best columns I've ever used. 

If you use an EvoSep or have a Bruker, I'm going to guess that you have seen columns that look exactly like these, because I strongly suspect this is the supplier for both. 

Even better than buying from the source? How could that be? Well, what if you could use a column configurator to assemble your dream column from a very straight-forward list of options? Insanity? 

What if you want 3 25cm columns with a 50um internal ID because you are slooooow flooooow weirdooooo and even want smaller bead sides and you want them to plug up directly to your instrument? 

You can do this here

3 columns for only 1475 squiggly things? Try beating that! 

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