Sunday, August 15, 2021

HYPERsol -- Easy, reproducible extraction from FFPE tissue!

Hospitals and other medical research institutions like to store interesting medical samples for analysis by future methods. The most common way to store solid samples seems to be through formalin fixing and paraffine embedding (FFPE). 

Formalin is a crosslinker! 

And paraffin is a wax! 

Who cares? S-Trap it. 

There are basically extra steps involved to remove the wax. 

It is worth noting that some of our potential collaborators have looked at the thickness of the slices used in this study and said that they might be able to provide slices 10% as thick. My rough math says that I need to be in the 5% slice size for plenty of wiggle room for standard label free LCMS, even if I want to donate half to a pool for library building purposes. 

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