Friday, August 6, 2021

Facile sample prep down to 100 cells!


Which is easier to say? 



n-dodecyl β-d-maltoside? 

These might be some of the questions that will come to you while reading this new paper. 

Another question might be: Wait. Why do we need yet another way to prep a sample?  

Look, I actually really like this study and I don't mean anything against these authors. The reproducibility is spot on and 1,500 protein IDs on a QE Plus from 100 MCF-7 cells from MS2 spectra (they did much better with match between runs) is better than I've personally got on a D30 Orbitrap of any kind with similar numbers. 

Maybe this is the last one, though? We've officially got enough ways to prepare a human proteomics sample, we've ended twenty years of tinkering on a high note! Woooo! Now, let's go out and use these proteomics platforms to do some stuff! 

And NOT inventing a new spectral library format, if that was what you were thinking. Don't. 

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