Thursday, August 12, 2021

Impressively clear differentials in CSF proteomics in ALS!


Wait. This is PROTEOMICS clustering!??! Okay, I've got to come back to this open access paper at MDPI later to spend some time on it.

You can get the files at ProteomeXchange via: PXD019910

BTW, there was a recent Twitter survey about JPR vs MCP for publishing mainline proteomics work. Honestly, I think a lot of us should take a look at Proteomes. 

1) Always open access

2) Reasonable page charges (including the open access, it's like $1500 USD)

3) Formatting that isn't a crazy nightmare for submission (and relatively fast turn-around for reviews). There is actually a word template that you download and cut your text into. 

4) Rapidly increasing exposure and climbing impact factor. 

5) As a reviewer, you get discounts on submissions to any of their family of journals that you can accumulate over time. 

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