Saturday, November 14, 2020

Argonaut: A Webportal for MultiOmics Collaboration!

Coon Lab has been busy this year! Item 1: A reeeeeaaaaaly intersting patent application.

What's this do? Exactly what the title says! Legit multiOmics integration stuff through a web based platform? I'm only messing around with the example data, but check this out. 

What if you had lipidomics and proteomics and metabolomics on a system? You can link it all together! (You should be able to click on the image to expand). 

And within these separate experiments you can do some really cool comparisons like graphically setting up correlations between the observations and the various conditions. 

You can directly go to your outliers (or you datapoints of extreme interest) by rapidly and creepily fastily kicking out the reports of exactly what you're looking at or just direct info on that datapoint, what that protein or lipid (gross) is, as well as the evidence that supports it. (In this case you can see how many bon-bons will fit in a Ferrari in scientific notation). 

Obviously, this is their example data on their hosted site, but if the IPSA is any indication, I'd guess that this thing works just as well as described. Some people in Madison have some mad programming skills. 100% recommend you check this out! 

Oh, and surprisingly, this exists as an independent entity of the Coon Lab collaboration of COVID severity symptoms. (Preprint link in my raving about it here.) Direct link to the resource here! I assumed that this was going to be the resource announcement for the system that was used to build amazing tool, but it does appear to be distinct.

Like I said, busy! 

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