Thursday, September 3, 2020

COVID-19 Multi-Omics Viewer!

Got some COVID-19 fatigue? Me too!  So I'll keep this short, but it's way too cool to not say something about it. The preprint is at medRxiV here. 


Don't feel like reading (or accidentally stabbed yourself in the eye with a screwdriver and that eye is predicted to work at 100% again in about 2 weeks, and reading suuuuuucks in the meantime? []?) 

I always think its got something to do with integrin something or other. is that the only protein family I know by name? Maybe? But that great chart at the top suggests that in 129 patients(!!) maybe Integrin beta 3 does differ between severity types?  Just an awesome resource!   

More great stuff out of Wisconsin, which is in the news right now because the people in power are some of the worst human filth to ever walk the surface of this planet. However, it's really interesting that it isn't really reflective of the general population of the state. The state is heavily heavily "gerrymandered" meaning that lines for specific districts are designed to purposely bias the system toward the candidates on the right. How biased? Really amazingly biased! 

Left is popular vote and right is seats won! Amazing, right?  It's a systematic problem in the US., particularly in states that are very important for the presidential race that is coming up in just a few months.... For real, not all of us here are morons. We are, however, a country of incredibly lazy people and we've let really evil people twist our system into what it has become today.

...what was I supposed to be doing...? Oh yeah! Tracefinder stuff! 

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  1. gerrymandering in Wisconsin is horrible :(... We're ruled by a few farmers