Monday, September 14, 2020

A (modern) beginner's guide to mass spectrometry-based proteomics!

 This new and modern and open access beginner's guide to mass spectrometry proteomics makes me very happy. I've added it at the top of the permanent "Resources of Newbies" page over on the right side of the screen somewhere --->

Some of you ridiculous people are great at mass spectrometry and biology things. I'm not. I can run a mass spec, type fast and...that's....about the end of my life skills. My attempt at a bathroom remodel put me in the hospital with a screwdriver shaped hole in my eyeball (99.8% of my vision back already!). I NEED (safety goggles at all time, apparently) biologists who are patient enough to explain repeatedly what they need the magic mass spec to do. If they understand what the limitations of the devices are and that it really isn't magic? Conversations are 1 million times easier and we can design a real project. This is one of those papers to send to people who have cool sounding biology things that you want to help them with to get those conversations going. 

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