Tuesday, September 29, 2020

MetaMorpheus -- Now with more style (and some cool visualizations)!

I know, I know, not everyone loves Metamorpheus and MSFragger and their every update shouldn't qualify for some kind of a lazy blog post, but they are both getting better all the time. This new update for MM has both a great gain in asthetics as well as some super handy visualization features. 

Ask yourself this -- how many PTMs did you search with your tool of choice today? Did you manually click "static + carbamidomoocowdoacetylatoin" and "dynamic + oxidation" and hit the go-button? Maybe you did the pyro-N-Glu thing? 

Chances are your list looks very similar to what Metamorpheus found in that represents the largest bars on this cool histogram below. 

 I didn't punch in any PTMs at all. I just added my workflows and hit go and I got what you did and all this other stuff!  I was lazier and got more data. Seriously, though, the PTM visualization thing is really cool. 

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