Thursday, November 12, 2020

RAW mass spec data is too pretty for you? Look at it in R!

I'm not joking. Images like the one above could BE YOURS! 

Impress your friends with a selection of : UNIVERSALLY HIDEOUS R FONTS! 

Like these? 

Yes! Exactly like these! 

Make sure your dog can't critique your manuscript figures with: 16 COLOR GRAPHICS! (Available in other R packages)

Make sure no one can see that monoisotopic mass is off just a little by: OVERLAPPING LABELS FROM YOUR SODIUM ADDUCTS! 

I'm just being a jerk, it's clear from anyone reading anything in science how critical R is to science. It's used so universally now that it's weird to see downstream analysis without it. 

And you know what we've never really had? A way to go straight from RAW files to stats and that's what this now allows!  Downstream to stats? We've got amazing tools like MSStats and SProCoP and that loads of cool tools from people like Gatto and Wilmarth that have been out there for years for us to use.  But if you've ever thought "wow, I'd really like to extract out anything spectra that has a delta of X?  OR (better question for the power built innately into R) "how often does this delta occur in my RAW data?" 

Get your RAW data into R and all the sudden that becomes possible! 

THEN you could totally make things like this! 


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